What is Medwakh?

What is Medwakh?

Medwakh is an elongated Arabian pipe that is exclusively used to smoke Dokha. Midwakh was traditionally used with no filter. In our days midwakh contain a removable, stem mounted-filter or even double filter on each end of the pipe body. The bowl of a medwakh pipe is typically much smaller than that of a traditional western tobacco pipe. It is usually smoked by dipping the bowl into a container of dokha flakes and loading it with dokha. Midwakh, produced in UAE are especially popular in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. As stated earlier the bowl of the pipe is smaller than the western tobacco pipe. Midwakh pipe can provide three or four puffs at a time, more than enough to give you the buzz that Dokha is famous for.

What are the Pipes made of?

Midwakh was originally made of animal bones. Over time it was crafted from a variety of materials including wood, base metal, marble, steel, gold, silver, plastic with a metal bowl, or glass. Pipes are usually hand-carved to the present day. They are beautifully designed with precious items such as diamond, gemstones, and lavishly decorated with rings of precious metal inscribed with symbols such as a falcon or dromedary camel, a highly revered animal in the UAE, often with brass inlays and even dyed in a variety of colors.

Dokha tobacco pipes are developed and improved constantly by our designers to stay on top of the market. We do our best to provide you with the best medwakh pipes to meet your preference and expectation. The pipes may be custom-made, allowing our customers to specify the dimensions and design they would like to use.

Pipe Structure

 1- Pipe Body

Midwakh usually has a heel past the bowl that is linked to the body which is crafted with a mouthpiece sized to fit a plastic filter. The pipe may consist of one whole pipe as well as head and body as two separate parts or even three parts since it has been progressing and developing throughout its history.

The size of the pipe may vary, however, the usual size is about 12 to 17 cm (5 to 7 inches). Traditionally, medwakh is one whole pipe with an enlarged heel past the bowl that allows you to easily hold it while smoking. The heel allows you to not only easily hold the pipe to avoid burning but also it gives your pipe a stylish look.


2- Pipe Bowl

Besides the length medwakh vary in bowl size and the diameter of the passage that goes all the way through the pipe body to the bowl. Therefore, changes in bowl size may affect how much each smoke is and the amount of dokha you smoke in a certain period of time. If the bowl size is big it may have totally different effect to the one that is smaller due to the amount of tobacco loaded in the bowl. Since the dokha in a bigger bowl doesn’t burn immediately it tends to give you a better experience of smoking and feels smooth. And smaller bowl, on the contrary, may feel a little bit hot because of less tobacco in a bowl that burns faster than tobacco in a bigger bowl.


The size of the body part also produces different effects and experiences depending on its length. The length of the body alters the heat of smoke inhaled from the bowl to the mouthpiece. The longer the pipe body the cooler the smoke, hence makes you put more effort to inhale through resistance. When it comes to the diameter of the passage, you feel the volume of the smoke you inhale depending on its size as well as the filter that is used.


3- Medwakh Filter

One more component for medwakh is filtered. There are many styles of pipe filters. First and foremost, smoking a pipe with a filter is without a doubt healthier. Especially when inhaling, having a filter absorb the excess tar and nicotine makes smoking less dangerous. It is better for the pipe filter to be an absorbing element, not your lungs. Filters for medwakh pipes are placed within a mouthpiece that fits the end of the pipe.


We are delighted to introduce our customers to our modern Turbo Medwakh with a fascinating and exclusive design. Our pipes are handcrafted by our traditional craftsmen. We use the highest quality durable wood to deliver style and an excellent smoking experience. Turbo Medwakh is available in black and brown colors with the golden bowl to make you feel proud to own one and to display it as a premium class pipe. Each pipe is handmade artistry that you will be proud to own.


Advising The Right Medwakh For You

With a good number of pipes to choose from, you’ll want to think about what is the ideal Medwakh you are after. People have different preferences and tastes when it comes to choosing medwakh. The criteria our customers mostly look at are durability, price, style, pipe size, length, and wood type. Here are some points and tips for you to select the right medwakh.